Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Mil!

On Sept 14th GoD and DoG reached a million views after being posted for 40 days. It has been one of the busiest times I've ever had. There has been a steady stream of mail. It is amazing to read how people feel about the song. I have a literary agent now and we hope that GoD and DoG will be made into a book. I have been doing interviews and articles and trying to keep up with the sites. The DVD will ship out any day now and we are excited about that. There have been many preorders for it. Although the cafe press store is doing well, Cindy (our office manager) and I decided to do our own mugs and t-shirts because we can get them so they won't be so expensive to buy. So we did the orders for that today. It has been such a fun thing to work on all of the GoD and DoG projects. We are still so surprised and thrilled at the response the video has had.