Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maybe every book in the world is on the Walmart site, who knows. Still, it's cool to see GoD and DoG on there. :-) Countdown - 20 days till it's OUT!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The GoD and DoG gift book comes out one month from today. It's very exciting, although hard to know how it will do. It's such an unusual feeling knowing you have a book coming out and that it may bomb, or sell millions, or do anything in between. My author friend, Stacey O'Brien, who wrote Wesley The Owl said it was a funny feeling when her book actually came out. She went to find it in a Barnes and Noble, but they hadn't unpacked them yet.

Well, I am very excited since this is an entirely new sort of adventure and I am glad the song and video are doing so well.

Meanwhile life is as normal as can be. For the last two days we have been having new gravel put down on the driveway. Boy did we need new gravel.