Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here is my new animation! This is the first of many (I hope).

GoD and Dog was inspired by my dog, Caspian, who loves and protects me. If he had his way, he'd stay with me all day. That's a photo of Caspian below. He's a wonderful dog and keeps the property safe. I do believe that dogs and all creatures reflect a part of their creator.

Here is Snow, our other dog, with her last litter of pups. They are known as LGDs, or livestock Guardian Dogs. Both Caspian and Snow are a 3/4 Great Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd cross. We will have pups this coming Christmas.

Well, I hope you enjoy my first animated video. I am already planning the next one!


Phyllis Harris said...

I would love one of those pups!!!!! We have 2.5 acres but is that enough for one of these dogs? We were planning on getting a golden retriever in the Spring. Our golden died in October and I had to give my heart time to heal a bit. I love big dogs and this breed is stunning!!

LOVE the video as well.! :o)

Wendy Francisco said...

Yes! That is plenty of room. These are the most intelligent dogs I have ever had by a long shot. That is what people say about the pups too. :-)

Phil said...

I loved the animation. I sent it to a couple friends that I'm sure will like it too.

I really like your sense of humor and clean, bubbly and happy voice. You're music - only recently discovered - is already a blessing to me.

I'm an artist too. One thing I have wished to do for a few years now is find time to work on some animations of my own. I have several animation/video programs and have years of experience in computer graphics of all varieties... just need time to sit down and hammer out some ideas. One of these days.

Thanks for sharing your work. I love your family. God bless.

Mr. Puggle said...

Named after Prince Caspian from C.S. Lewis?

Ariel said...

Love the video! Had a tear come into my eyes. Human Granny did too. Snickers!
God/Dog Bless, Puggle Ariel <3

inadvertent farmer said...

We had a Great Pyrenees when I was child...there was never a more gentle or loving creature on the face of God's earth. Thanks for the smile! Kim

City-On-A-Hill said...

I had four dogs from my childhood till my early twenties. Mickey was the Matriarch of the family. I had two of her daughters from different litters. "Sandy Paws" was the grand daughter. I know exactly what you mean in your charming song.

Now I have two feral cats for which I care. "Hobo" is cute little guy with a canine tooth missing. But I miss my dogs...they were always "buddies" my best friends.

One year I gave away 15 kittens which would come out of the fields and forest where I live.

I drove from my home near Philadelphia to bring a kitten to a little girl in Charlestown, West Virginia. She named him after me...Clint!

Maybe your next video will be about a cat?

dollyd93 said...

Well, I just saw your GoD and DoG youtube video on Facebook through a friend from church. This led me here,to your music, and various other places. What a blessing!

Your dogs are magnificent. My father has a Kuvaz, which is a Turkish herding and guard dog. He looks very much like your dogs. As we have less space, we opted to adopt an American Eskimo Dog, but our family does seem to have a predilection for white canines.

But alas, I find myself loving "all creatures great, and small." I have often said that animals seem to exhibit the true essence of God, and that is probably why we all seem to do so much better in our relationships with our pets. Some days my creatures are my only comfort.

Anyway, you seem to live a beautiful life full of God's Grace, and I am very glad to have stumbled upon all of your works. It is inspiring, and soul-touching. Thanks-dana

Lee Wayne said...

Thank you so much for putting the two into perspective... I love the fact that God let you
be the one to write and sing the song, it is
Thanks again

Brendadoglover said...

Dear Wendy,
In all its simplicity, the God and dog video is PROFOUND! I've always loved dogs and am a lover of God, like you. Thank you for the awesome video. It brings tears to my eyes. I would be lost without my dogs. I don't even call my dogs, dogs. I always refer to them as my "boys." They are my only family.