Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank you to Susan Boyer for the first GoD and DoG Amazon review. Here it is:

Small Book, Mighty Message
In this simple little book, Wendy Francisco has captured many, many dog owner's feelings about their best friends and put them into a words. Straight from her heart these words came and straight into the hearts of dog loving readers they will go. God and Dog is a tribute to the unconditional love dogs give us and also a prayer of thanksgiving to God for dogs. The simple and sparse text intensifies the message and makes this book a soulful charmer that few dog fans will be able to resist. The illustrations are good but would not be half as effective on their own. Thought and word are the treasure here.

I'm guessing this book may reap some negatives from people who don't approve of putting God and Dog in the same book together---from readers who don't like God but like dogs and from readers who like God but don't like dogs. Speaking as someone who reads alot and who loves God and dogs both-- it's a terrific book. YAY!


Ed said...

Yes this pretty much sums up my feelings of my 4 legged best friends. I will have to get the book so far I have only seen the animation that is very moving. Thank you Wendy for saying what so many of us feel about our dogs.

Debbie said...

A friend gifted our church (Phoenix UCC in Buffalo, NY) with a copy of your wonderful book as we have a church dog. Stein, a black lab/rottweiler mix, attends worship and almost all our activities. At our service of acceptance into the UCC many people worshiping with us that day commented on how having the dog as part of the service heightened their experience of God.