Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is Brigadoon, one of the future stud cats at Crack O' Noon Ragdolls. Brigadoon is a hilarious cat. When he wants affection, he dives into your lap and wriggles around on his back. It is impossible to get anything done when he does this. The Ragdoll project is one of the most wonderful adventures I have undertaken. I was nervous that Don would think I was crazy, but this week he picked up one of the kittens and said, "I love every one of these things!"


MyWoldPlus said...
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Amelia said...


I just read your position on animal breeding. I am somewhere in the middle - concerned about breeding animals when cat and dog mutts are destroyed daily, yet unwilling to turn the welfare of animals over to so-called animal welfare organizations.

I simply love animals, all of them.

I have a friend who breeds German Shepherds, from a line of black German Shepherds directly from Germany. There is no question he loves those dogs and is intent on keeping the breed alive.

I was involved for a short time with local animal welfare groups, but found that they were more focused on who was worthy of being the human companions to animals than what was best for the animals. It sure looked a lot like discrimination to me. So I've distanced myself from them and simply do the best I can with the feral animals I come across.

I am also a singer/songwriter. I came across your name because of the GoD/DoG video. You've done something there that is extraordinary; if I ever write something that can touch so many people and do so much good, I will be truly blessed.

Good for you.

Amelia Blake

BoomerBlogger said...

Kittens are so cute I would have a million of them if my wife didnt have allergies. Heck Im lucky that she is so unselfish a person, she takes allergy meds every day just so I can have a dog! Now, that's devotion!