Saturday, August 16, 2008

People Magazine!

Today is a good day to begin a blog. I just submitted 4 Wesley photos to People Magazine at their request for their Wesley The Owl book review. If you are just tuning in, this is a book by my friend Stacey O'Brien. Stacey was my roommate when she first brought Wesley home. I took photos of him which are now being used in the book. I am a main character and also helped to edit the project. I had a strong feeling about her story. I'd actually taken a year off intending to start a book project of my own... but that year was dedicated to this book instead. It was the most grueling creative project I have ever been involved with by a longshot... and the most rewarding, too. There were many tears of anguish and moments of laughter and celebration as the whole story came together. It is being released by Simon and Schuster this month (!!)

Here is one of the photos.... hope it makes it into People. Wesley was an amazing creature. I took this when he was just learning to walk. He was very interested in the camera... but a little too cautious to get too close. We were laughing so hard it's a wonder the photo wasn't blurred.

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Mary said...

I'm reading this now Wendy. Oh I am enjoying it. And your photographs were adorable. Its hard to put the book down.